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I have Planit Fusion design programme for sale. Try before you buy if required. Genuine offers considered.

So how would we contact you if interested??

Stretch Wrote:So how would we contact you if interested??


Mind control, obviously ThumbUp

Stretch Wrote:So how would we contact you if interested??

I can give you an e-mail address or contact telephone number.
Can you advise of any other as i am new to this site?

try registering ? Smile

Yep, register as a member then we can PM you. We don't tend to post up email addresses and phone numbers here

A up, I'm after a design software. Seen the 20-20 layout and like. How much you wanting for it?

I was hoping i would be made realistic offers. If you have done some homework you will now know 20/20 have now bought Planit. This is a quality kit and worth ever penny. Please make me a genuine offer? as I metioned before you can gladly test run the programme.

TBH Paul, you're not giving us much of a clue here.

We've got no way of contacting you as you aren't registered and we don't post up our personal details on here as they do on Screwfix.

Why don't you give us a ball park of what you're expecting to get for it? Personally, I don't think that Planit is worth the 3 to 4 grand they're punting it out at although it is a nice piece of software, so it just depends what you're looking for. Are you selling it with a license as well??


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