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Kitchen fitted in exchange for website (Sussex)
I’m a professional web designer looking for an experienced kitchen fitter in the Sussex area, in exchange for fitting my kitchen I will build you a company website, please see my website for more information on my company:

The kitchen is very small being a one bedroom flat, it’s a Howdens kitchen, I can give you more details if you’re interested.

I’m after an experienced kitchen fitter and in exchange I will build a top of the range bespoke company website to your requirements which will be well optimised to drive in new customers via Google etc.

If you’re interested please PM me or email:



This is far and away the most stupid post I have ever had to read on this forum - and I've read all 17,000 of them believe me.

Do you honestly think that anyone on here is gonna come and graft on fitting your kitchen while you sit at your PC and dream up a website for them? That's hardy a fair labour exchange is it?

And besides, most "experienced kitchen fitters" have websites these days and those who don't have them don't want them.

Did you read the registration agreement? Thought not..............


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