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Hello there!
Hello to everybody!

Now, before you say it, yes my user name is (deleted), yes there's a link to the (deleted) website in my signature and I will shortly be adding the logo as my avatar BUT... Im at work, posting threads on forums and not getting in trouble for it! Yes I'm advertising but I could also be a good addition to your forum! ThumbUp

Noticed you have a motorsport forum, you'll probably find me in there most of the time while the boss isn't looking (Big BTCC fan!) but in the meantime, I know kitchen fitting products like the back of my hand so I might come in useful to a few of you!

So, if anybody needs any advice which hinge goes with which backplate which goes with which door fitting method or which worktop best matches an autumn plum door... Even who's going to win the 1st round at Thruxton on Easter weekend (Jason Plato!), maybe I can help!
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Think you might be getting a slap on the wrists !! Your first post is advertising and you've put a link up. Read the rules before posting !!

Fair point! Link will be removed!
Call 0161 628 1147, visit or Follow us on Twitter


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