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Brand New Nikon D3 12.1MP DSLR Camera +Nikon AF-S Nikkor 24-70mm
f/2.8G ED 24-70 Lens


Package Content:

1 Nikon D3 DSLR Camera Body
1 EN-EL4a Battery
1 MH-22 Charger
1 USB Cable
1 Software Suite DW01
1 User Manual
1 AV cable
1 Neck Strap

Brand New Nikon D700 : $700 USD
Brand New Nikon D40 : $320USD
Brand New Nikon D40x : $399 USD
Brand New Nikon D60 ; $400 USD
Brand New Nikon D80 : $450 USD
Brand New Nikon D90 : $510 USD
Brand New Nikon D200 : $350 USD
Brand New Nikon D300 : $800 USD
Brand New Nikon D3 : $1000 USD
Brand New Nikon D3X DSLR : $1500USD

Brand New Canon 1000D: 650USD
Brand New Canon XH A1 : 800USD
Brand New Canon 40D : 490USD
Brand New Canon 400D : $400 USD
Brand New Canon 50D : $600 USD
Brand New Canon 450D : $500 USD


CANON EOS-1D Mark II-N 8 Megapixel Digital....$900USD
Canon EOS-5D Digital , 12.8 Megapixels.......$500USD
Canon XH A1 1.67MP 3CCD Camcorder with 20x Optical Zoom...$800USD
Canon XL2 3CCD MiniDV Camcorder w/20x Optical Zoom......$800USD
Canon XL1 Digital Camcorder Kit............$600USD
Canon EOS 1D Mark II N 8.2MP Digital SLR Camera....$850USD
Canon Camera Kit 1234B002............$350USD
Canon EOS 30D Digital SLR Camera & Canon....$550USD

why advertise reaaaaally deaaaar cameras ????/


I didn't fail the test, I just found 100 ways to do it wrong.
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Yep, he's gone now. Twat.

Automated bot spam... not human...

Happens all the time at TF..

Bin and ban...and block the IP if you can.

Not sure it is Dave - unless these bots have got really clever and can answer the required info correctly on the registration agreement and can beat the Captcha code.

Anyway, they can't be that clever as they still can't understand the bit that says "No free advertising" !!

LOL... Yes they can over come re-captcha.. Very very cleaver programs these idiots write..

On some of our forums we use the 2 questions option... and that is fool proof to bots .. so spam is only human..

Not sure if MyBB supports that though..

But all banned know though hey!! lol lol..


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