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kitchen layouts
Four basic kitchen layouts:
• The galley shape with two walls of appliances squaring off opposite each other
• The L-shape that locates the three main elements (sink, stove, and refrigerator) along two perpendicular walls forming a natural triangle
• The U-shape that puts the elements on three walls
• The G-shape, which is essentially a U-shape with a fourth wall (which could be a handy peninsula) to provide room for more counter space, cabinetry, and appliances.

Missed wall.

Just fitted three kitchens in some flats had their kitchens on one longish wall. Any other layouts?

galley + island
L + island (as mine is)
or the dog leg as i affectionatly named the last job i did!
or for the room with 5 doors in and out of it, the bitsanpeices layout :D
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