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Updated Guide To Posting Pics
It has always been possible to upload pics from your phones and tablets as well as your PCs and laptops but the problem has been that these images are too large in terms of file size and pixels, which consequently distort the forum display. And you all know how much I hate that!

Thankfully, with a bit of tweaking of the existing parameters and a new bit of software installed, you can now upload pics from wherever you want without having to use an image hosting site such as our Photobucket account.

I realise that many of you already know how to do this but for those who struggle, here is an easy step by step guide:

1. Firstly, go to the section of the forum where you wish to post your pics - in this case "Members Gallery - Kitchens" and start a new thread.


2. Underneath the box where you post your thread you will see the Attachments section. Click "Browse" to locate the image you want to upload. On tablets and phones it will your Photo Library/Camera Roll and on PCs it will be the folder where the image is stored.


3. You now need to click "Add attachment"


4. This will now show the image you have uploaded (highlighted in red) This image has a file size of 1.52MB.
Click "Insert Into Post"


5. It will show up like this, although it won't be that number.


6. Click "Preview Post" to ensure the image is displayed correctly


You can upload all your images before you start and then just "Insert Into Post" individually as you compile your post.


Please note there is a maximum of 10 images that you can upload into any post and please ensure your images are in the correct orientation if uploading from a PC or laptop!


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