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Who, & what, do you rate? - Pilchard - 26-06-2015

Have just joined (& posted my Hello) so please be be nice to me.
I'm here to learn, as I've been "out-of-the-loop" long enough to have lost contacts, suppliers etc & am no longer "au fait" with the latest trends, styles, accessories, hardware etc.
I need recommends for suppliers of carcasses, doors, hardware (esp which hardware is rated & which is not) & anything else anyone can think of.
The wife's kitchen is the current project & is taking precedence over everything else. It'll involve removing the stud wall between kitchen & lounge, dot & dab dry-lining the solid stone cottage walls & creating an elongated, tall U shaped, kitchen with one leg of the U forming the divide between lounge & kitchen: 900 worktop with 300 of shelving/cbd space on lounge side. Open-plan, yet still divided.
I've done the main layout plan & am trying to get the wife (my most challenging customer....ever) sufficiently animated by what she sees as the boring stuff to get her to decide on the important detail of what things she wants & where. Style-wise, she knows more about what she don't like than what she does. She likes handle-less flat facias, so that's a start; & she wants mainly base drawers rather than cbds, which I also think is more practical. I personally think the tiny finger-pull profile created by the "J" profile on top edge of drawers creates too much finger-strain if the drawer was loaded with tins & packets of flour etc (what do YOU think), & am trying to persuade her to look more at the "finger recess" design which usually has a brushed aluminium closing the back of the recess, attached to the carcase. As this design seems pretty new, I've no idea where to source the bits from to upgrade standard cabs.
Anyway...... who knows what, about whatever?
All recommends gratefully received.