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Space Plugs - Stretch - 10-05-2013

Ok boys and girls.....

Firstly a quick thank you to everyone who has supported and contributed to KFF. Our membership and popularity is bigger than ever, thanks guys and keep on enjoying.

The main reason for this unusual note is to send you all the attached review. Now you will know that I’ve always tried to make sure we’re not just a sales target at KFF, but I’ve got a case here that I want to make an exception for, and for a couple of reasons:

First, because I think it’s a pretty blooming good idea, it works a treat and really does get rid of hassle. Not only that but Cliff1970 the inventor bloke is one of us, fitted for years, a nice guy, and I think we should support one of our own lads. He’s only been up and running a couple of weeks so I’m asking everyone to take an interest and start using them. You may all recall a little activity on the forum regarding this a while back.

You all know my attitude towards spammers on this forum who barge in here and try to push their products without permission but Cliff has played this completely by the book and this is another major reason why I intend to give him my full support.

You can message him through the site, click on his link in the sponsor box or order some on his web-site, If you want a big supply give him a call, or if you just want to try a few packs to start he’s going to double any orders for free for KFF members - (just put your KFF ID in the special instructions box on the order page)

Claydon Lad tried some of these out on my behalf as I was laid up at the time and wrote a very fair review so, read what he had to say, try some out, spread the word, share Space Plugs on Face-book, twitter and anywhere you can think of. I hope all of us at KFF can help get this venture off the ground and hopefully persuade a few of the big manufacturers that we want Space-Plugs in the fittings packs and angle brackets in the bin!

Claydon Lad Wrote:As Stretch was out of action the other week he asked me to try out these new 'Space-Plugs' that Cliff1970 raised on the forum a little while ago. He was going to try them but was now laid up so I agreed to give this new idea a go instead.

Now I must admit, I had my doubts, I always use the L brackets to fix the base units to the wall, and - 'Why change something if there isn't a problem?' - was my initial thought, but Stretch was keen so I’d agreed.

Cliff had sent me some prototypes in the standard size, so with a fairly short thread. I then realised I wanted them to fit the Crown Imperial range of units that were a bit more generous at the back and could have used the larger XL size to be honest, worth remembering.

So, I gave it a go with the new Space-Plug and was genuinely quite surprised how quick it was to install them, very pleasantly surprised how easy they were to use and very happy just how solid they ended up. Nothing fiddly, nice big screws (that come with the plugs) and all done from the front square on – already better on a straight forward fit, but as I found out, even better if you get anything else!

One instance on last weeks fit I had a 600 mm drawer pack unit on its own in between a freestanding w/m and a built in d/w that needed to be just a couple of mm away from the wall. I found it incredibly easy to re-align by just unwinding the Space-Plug, and no mucking around meant I didn’t knock it all out of level. That was more than handy.

Then on this weeks fit, I had a corner unit on the left, and a 600 unit on the right that will house the hob and you can see in the picture the cable that will feed it too! Now that cable disappears into the wall - exactly where the L bracket would normally go! So with these plugs....just the same as I think PJ mentioned about using them to line up on stud walls in the original post when Cliff introduced us to them……I just moved the fixing where I wanted it. The only reason for the packer you can see, is that I wanted the XL size really.


There's always the odd occasion where the small 16mm screws that anchor the L brackets become annoying. They don't quite bite into the melamine, or are chewing it up being too close to the edge. To be fair, I’m nursing a pinched finger right now thanks to one of those, “odd times” when they become really fiddly and slip. Not to mention the groping around on the floor at the back of the unit when they fall down.

The idea that the brackets aren’t ever hidden is much better too. I had a job the other week, to remove an existing 1000 base unit and re-position it to make room for a built in tall F/F housing. When taking it off the wall there was little option but to rip it out, causing some very annoying damage. If the Space-Plug was there it would have been so much easier.

So my conclusion, after being a bit sceptical in the beginning is, I think it's a really good idea if the price is right. They’d be fantastic if they came free with the unit as the proper fixing – we get pretty good brackets for the wall units…..why not these? I realise that many fitters will have the - 'I've been using L brackets for years without any problems' – but my finger tip will argue otherwise and I’ve found them really quick, really strong and really handy. Why be stuck in our ways for so long? Nice one Cliff, I really hope everyone out there keeps an open mind and tries them out. If they do I think you’ll have quite a few takers.

I for one would be looking to use these in the future. A box in my van anyway and ideally in the fitting kit that comes with the kitchen.

RE: Space Plugs - jonny round boy - 10-05-2013

Just ordered some!

Will try them out when I fit the kitchen I'm currently building & report back!

Always happy to support someone contributing something useful to the industry, rather than yet another "happy-to-take-your-money-but-fuck-all-use-otherwise" industry body!

RE: Space Plugs - Stretch - 10-05-2013

Nice one JRB ThumbUp

I ought to add, for clarity, that there is nothing in this for me personally, financially or otherwise. This is just me giving my backing to what I think is a good idea and giving Cliff the opportunity to use this forum as a vehicle to promote his product.

RE: Space Plugs - Yorkshire Ollie - 10-05-2013

Looks like a really good idea, can't believe nothing like this has been made before.

RE: Space Plugs - PREM - 11-05-2013

So which one? the standard or the XL. Claydons pic shows a packer on the back as he wanted the XL but them units look a standard gap to me.

RE: Space Plugs - Stretch - 11-05-2013

The regular is for 30mm - 50mm void and the XL is for 50mm - 80mm. It would depend on which manufacturer you generally use. The one shown in the pic was one of the early prototypes

RE: Space Plugs - PJK - 11-05-2013

Past on to my carcase manufacturer. Lets hope they go with it. I'll only take a small commision Happy

It was a company called Lamtek if they do get in touch

RE: Space Plugs - Cliff1970 - 12-05-2013

Hi guys,

Thanks for all the kind words - and certainly thanks to the pass to Lamtek, they are high on my list. Anyone wants to know anything just let me know. Be great to get some feedback on the website and cost structure.
While I have you - big thanks to Stretch and Claydon, they have been so supportive - can't thank you enough guys.
If you mention your KFF id on the sales page I'll double whatever you want to buy. be doing a larger trade pack soon. If you want to do a review for me and want a bag drop me al line.

Thanks to all.

Cliff or as i seem to be becoming "Mr Space-Plug" Drink

(10-05-2013, 02:01 PM)jonny round boy Wrote: Just ordered some!

Will try them out when I fit the kitchen I'm currently building & report back!

Always happy to support someone contributing something useful to the industry, rather than yet another "happy-to-take-your-money-but-fook-all-use-otherwise" industry body!

Thanks Jonny - you're a star mate - thanks for....."getting it" if you know what I mean! They're in the post!

(11-05-2013, 12:46 PM)PJK Wrote: Past on to my carcase manufacturer. Lets hope they go with it. I'll only take a small commision Happy

It was a company called Lamtek if they do get in touch

I can gurantee you'll get it if they come up trumps! Thanks PJK ThumbUp

RE: Space Plugs - PJK - 12-05-2013

I was only joking cliff mate ThumbUp