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Full Version: Handmade kitchen...Essex recommendations?
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Hello - bit of a mundane one this....we are looking to replace our kitchen with (ideally) painted handmade units.  We initially looked at what the 'sheds' have to offer but they seem pretty insubstantial.  We want something that will last decades as we're in our forever home.  We need base units (inc those for integrated under counter fridge, freezer and dishwasher) along two walls (350mm x 250mm) in an L shape if that makes sense.  In addition we want two wall units of approx 120mm, one to have a plate rack.  We have never done this before so have no idea on price, timescales or who to use.....would prefer to support a local business and have a ready supply of tea and butties for the right person!  Any recommendations or price guidance would be brilliant! Thank you x ps we're nr Great Dunmow
75% of my work is in Braintree as that's where I lived  until 2 years ago, Now in colchester. 
What time scale are you looking at? 
I have a local manufacturer that can bespoke make a solid wood  kitchen and sprayed in any colour.
You need another 0 on your measurements, but we know what you mean.
(30-01-2016, 10:07 AM)PREM Wrote: [ -> ]You need another 0 on your measurements, but we know what you mean.

Doesn't everyone  Cheers