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Got the email from Tony today on the upgrade.  

The one thing i struggle with is emailing pictures and plans to customers, How do you email straight from the program ?  I don't use windows at all and only have a laptop just for this program so its frustrating printing the plan out scanning it to my Mac and then sending in an email.

I don't know if there is a handless or true handless, Stretch may have a work around for it but it will be past my PC skils.
The price is more than last time, i think i paid 200+vat or around that.  That upgrade came with the 360 viewer which was a big plus for me.

£295 + vat.

To get the pics and plans into an email you need to click the Copy button after the drawing has rendered then open your email message and right click and paste in the email.

Bring your laptop to the next social and I’ll give you a tutorial on how to use Nexus but we’ll need to start early before we get shit faced!!

It will appear as an image in the email instead of as an attachment but I find that quite useful as you can “explain” each pic to the customer as you go.

I had an email from Tony the other day with a link to download the “almost ready” version.

They’ve included the bedroom and bathroom software in the same program this time which could be useful.....

They haven’t included J profiles or true handless but there is the addition of a slab door as opposed to “plain” which always used to have a bevel on it. I mentioned to Tony a while back that it would be a good idea to get J profiles in the options.

In the email I was sent with the link to download it was stated:

“The software, when purchased, will be subject to to 2 weekly modification/changes as we get feedback, and any development features will also be added for a 3 month period. Changes and additions can be made to the software without major upgrading”.

Unfortunately the version I have is just the trial version and doesn’t allow print or save and it also places a watermark over the 3d view which just about obscures everything.

I need to trial a full version before I commit to buy because, for me, it’s not about what Nexus does but what I can do to it to customise it to my needs.

Since going to KBB this year I have been revisiting KitchenDraw as they have a Crown catalogue which is sort of up to date in that is up to date as of 2015. It does have handless and true handless however......

If we’ve got a run of designs going on it’s quite easy to get rid of 20 hours worth and then I need to top up. Having said that, the renders are good (maybe I’ll post some up here sometime) and the email support is free and instant. I’ve had to correct them on a few things regarding Crown as in errors and omissions and they updated the catalogues within 30 minutes.

I’m quite happy to have, and pay for, two softwares as I would use KitchenDraw for handless and Nexus for anything else.

How easy is it to use? The nexus is about my level, the main reason i haven't gone for Artcad and others is i haven't the patience for them.

Good to see some renders mate ThumbUp

Kitchendraw has its pros and cons.

It's not as easy to use as Nexus but it has more functionality such as the ability to import 3d object files and Sketchup models

It's a free download and the first 20 hours of use are free and it's up to you whether you want to purchase further hours.
The time counts down in decrements of 5 minutes and it only does this while you are actively dragging and dropping and not if the software is stood idle.

I would download it and have a've nothing to lose. It comes with a standard Kitchen catalogue pack which you can change the unit dimensions to suit which ever supplier you are using.

Has anyone purchased the upgrade and if so is it worth getting

(17-11-2018, 09:01 PM)KOVKID Wrote: Has anyone purchased the upgrade and if so is it worth getting

I have the upgrade as I pay monthly and I hate to say it but I'm not sure what they have done. My best understanding is that they have rewritten the core software to enable it to be upgraded with more functionality. However I couldn't see any differences or additional functionality. I'd been waiting to see what they would come up with for over 2 years and was massively disappointed.

I didn't buy it originally and thought paying monthly was a good way of hedging my bets as I was waiting for the original graphics upgrade that never happened. That was neally 5 years ago. After that disappointment I decided to wait for their second attempt at an upgrade which is what I have now. I spent 10 minutes looking at it and immediately rang Fernando at Autokitchen.

What I have spent by hedging my bets and paying monthly would have neally paid for Autokitchen. I may have been given an early release of the NexusCad upgrade, maybe there is more to come. I really don't know or care any more, I just thought enough is enough.

I keep getting the email from them, until I have concrete proof it's worth it I won't hit the buy button.

Do you know if they offer a trial of the new package

Nexus do offer a free trial of the upgrade as i have spoken to them


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