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Does anyone other than 2020 offer training for Fusion?  My skills are very basic and I would love to get better at it but feel that some 1 to 1 training would be more beneficial than their set classes.

Just google fusion software there a few videos on YouTube that show you the basics of the programme plus there are few that will do it remotely.

I can't think of the names just now but I'll see if I can dig the names out for you.

Thanks, that would be much appreciated ThumbUp

There's loads of vids on YouTube which I've found very useful. I Went on the bronze training when I first purchased a few years ago and would say it helped but felt it was massively over priced for what you got. I managed to get hold of the silver training scripts from my rep the next time round so maybe try that route.

TBF I'm still struggling with getting picture perfect renders myself so might look at articad when my support is up for renewal.

I would sell my Planit fusion for £ 500

Would you take £499? For cash?

£498 and last nights lucky dip.

How about £490 + £10 off a Sainsburys shops online code


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