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Our online store - welcome to check
Hello everyone, our new online store -,
Our price is competitive, and shipping is free worldwide.
we offer many kinds of stuffs there, like:
Apply accessories
Bike accessories
Tablet pc
Laptop accessories
Home and office apps
Gifts & Party Supplies
Car accessories

Our hot selling is some creative stuffs, like skull head shot glass, credit card knife, color changing coffee cup, etc. Welcome to check out.

Very good!!!

Think I need to start a "Cock Of The Week" award....and the winner gets a lifetime forum ban Icon_anal

Ha ha - I did wonder, I spotted this a little earlier. Some muppet from the US !
....fully qualified... head of dept of.... bucket washer!
Ohh, and chief tea-maker

I always wanted a skull headed shot glassCheers

Credit card knife sounds awesome....useful if you get mugged at the cash point!!

come on stretch you are slipping, put the sticks down. he would have been banned within 5mins last year, we have clicked the link thinking he was sanctionedDoh

shot glasses arrive next weekCheersBig Grin
FESTOOL CHEAPER THAN mafell and Doesn't look like an Aldi special.LOL

fuck off back to China with your tacky collection of stocking fillers you twat


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