Poll: What day are you going to KBB?
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Sunday 4th March
5 62.50%
Monday 5th March
2 25.00%
Tuesday 6th March
0 0%
Wednesday 7th March
1 12.50%
Total 8 vote(s) 100%
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KBB Poll
What with KBB coming up in a few weeks time I thought I'd try and generate a bit of interest for a forum mini meet.

I expect that for some of us Brum is logistically impossible and not worth the hassle for a day out but for those who are going all you need to do is "vote" on the day you intend to go. If you are going for more than one day you can check more than one box

The results of the poll will be public (just click the "Show Results" tab) so if anyone wants to meet up with any of the others who are going on any particular day then just swap contact details by PM.

Id really like to go myself, but cant be bothered burning all the fuel to get there. £1.40 a litre is no joke when i only get 22mpg!

Will be going on the Monday after the rush hour any body going then.

I am going but not sure on the date as i'm waiting until my mate and i can agree on what day.

We have decided to go on the Sunday. Nothing specific that we wanted to look at but a new Bathroom Furniture manufacturer is displaying, so we will take the opportunity to look their stuff over.

Snezza + Designer Pete!

Right i am heading down on Sunday also with my mate so could meet up.

Anyone else going tomorrow then?

Hi Stretch,

Hope you and Claydon Lad had a good trip back!

We had a dreadful journey home. 4 1/2 hours, Traffic diversions, hail, sleet, traffic jams.

But it was good to meet you both! Did you manage to get hold of DRM?


was it worth the trip?
anything new we should be looking at?
any freebies?

FESTOOL CHEAPER THAN mafell and Doesn't look like an Aldi special.LOL


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