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We are partnership of two craftsman established in 1997, based in London. We aim to continue in the traditional style and workmanship of Italian wood working renowned the world over.We pride ourselves in the durability and quality of finish of all our products, no matter how big or small. Our products are exclusively hand made and lovingly assembled with attention to the finest detail.
We are glad we found a forum where we can share our concept, ideas and work.

Hello & welcome
Looked at your site it looks very impressive.

Hello and welcome lookin forward to your postsThumbUp

M Howe Joinery Wrote:Hello and welcome lookin forward to your postsThumbUp

No we're not...........all spammers get instant bans - now do one

Not another one Angry

Oh well, when you get a forum as brilliant as this one you attract them all - spammers as well.

I've got no problem with the foreign idiots. They give us a laugh before they get banned but it's the eejits that still try and get free advertising despite being asked not to in the registration agreement.


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