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Are there any B&Q or ex B&Q installers on this forum ?? just want to compare notes Smile1

Get yourself registered then the lads might compare...Smile

Sounds like a good idea to me Dave ThumbUp

All signed up now Bling

Welcome along
Should have studied harder at school.

I am registered as a fitter for B and Q,not done many fits for them though,fire away and i'll see if i can be of any help

All i wanted to do was to find out if i`m the only one who has got sooo fed up with all the pathetic red tape and ridiculous requests that have been asked of us. after nearly 11 years with them i decided 3 weeks ago to call it a day ! some of the changes they have made have been really good but there are 1 or 2 that leave a bit to be desired,1 that springs to mind is the "DSP or DSO" Arrgh what a bunch of amateurs who have no idea what they are doin and treat their fitters,some long standing as myself with little or no respect. I thought the ISC was bad but looking back they where like a breath of fresh air compared to this lot. B&Q`s installation service is going to suffer massively if they dont ditch them. In my opion obviously Wink2 If i could offer any installers out ther any advise its "dont work for them,they will take you under" Angry

I can assure you you are not the only one who feels this way,they treat you like an asshole in my opinion,the red tape is a joke,i could tolerate it a bit more if the money was any good but in my opinion the hassle involved far out weighs the money on offer,there are rumors as well of site managers getting back handers to allocate work as well,before i started for them they promise the earth and simply dont deliver,the funny thing is,they think there product is good quality!!!pity the way the work is and we have to put up with bollocks like this to earn a living

butt-n-scribe Wrote:All signed up now Bling

Nice one.....Cheers


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