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Roman Opus Floor Tiling in NexusCad
We finished a kitchen recently where the customer was having the floor tiled in a Roman Opus pattern. At The time, I couldn't show this on the design pics because there is no facility in Nexus to do anything other than linear or brickwork tiling.

However, I've had a play around this afternoon and come up with the following - for anyone who is interested!!


Ok, firstly you need to create a new room and then 10 tiles of different sizes:

2@ 600mm x 400mm
4@ 400mm x 400mm
2@ 400mm x 200mm
4@ 200mm x 200mm

From the Miscellaneous menu select Tiles and drag into the planning area


Change it's Properties to 600 x 400 x 10mm


You can change the Image Texture here or just do it from the options menu but remember to uncheck the Tile Finish option.


Repeat until you have all 10 tiles:


Drag and snap each individual tile into the Roman Opus pattern and then Ctrl-Click them all so they are highlighted.
Now go to File>Save Selection and save it under whatever you like, eg Roman Opus.


Keeping them highlighted, drag them into position, then Ctrl-Click to Copy and Paste so that you create a new set. Alternatively you can just go to File>Merge File and import the selection you saved each time.


Repeat until you've covered the floor:


And then just drag individual tiles to fill the gaps - or leave unfilled if you know they will be covered by units.


And it should look like this!! Thanks for reading. ThumbUp

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Nice idea but you do need to get out more!

And you need to go to bed earlier!


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