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Forces to Fitter Ipswich - Jjfrankie - 10-12-2014

Hello everyone i hope this is ok to ask,

Im currently on terminal leave waiting to leave the air force and im looking for some work unpaid if anybody in the Ipswich area could help that would be great.

Im determined to get off on the right foot and i could do with as much help as possible, as its quite a career change for me and i dont think my military background will help much in the trade.

I can work unpaid up until March and between now and then i am going on a 6 week course to learn the basics of fitting a kitchen, plastering and plumbing in Feb but as im aware that will only be a small step in the right direction the main thing i feel i need is experience from people out there doing the job.

Thanks for reading and any help is much appreciated

RE: Forces to Fitter Ipswich - andy5405 - 11-12-2014

I like your attitude but don't give yourself away for free unless you have to. I suggest getting out on the street and going round a few showrooms etc and seeing what you can find. Also get on the phone and talk to people. Don't worry about getting maybe 50-100 rejections, you're just looking for the one yes out there and it's hidden somewhere in the 100 rejections. Every no you get is one step closer to the the yes.

RE: Forces to Fitter Ipswich - Jjfrankie - 11-12-2014

Thanks for the advice Andy, ill keep posting on here as things progress, fingers crossed they will as i found out today ill be getting payedby the RAF up until May next year now so even more time to get the ball rolling.