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Full Version: Nexus Upgrade - The Facts
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I had a good phone chat with Tony at Nexus today and he's updated me with the full facts regarding the "upgrade".
  • Firstly, it's not an upgrade...its a new bit of software which won't overwrite your existing software so you can continue to use your current software without disruption.
  • Secondly, at present, this has only been offered to their current user base and is not commercially available. They are trying to gauge the feedback and suggestions for ways to improve what they have developed thus far.
  • They fully concede this will never reach the dizzy heights of Articad, Planit, and all the professional softwares which are available (at a huge cost) but they don't have the resources to do this so they are still offering a cost effective solution - with ongoing free support.
Anyone who has been offered the link to download the upgrade will have noticed that very little seems to have changed in terms of basic as Tony describes them, the "cartoon" doors and windows. These will be replaced with more realistic models.

The appliances will be replaced with jpegs of current models and oven towers in particular will be upgraded so that any combination of appliances (warming drawers, single or double oven, coffee machines, integrated microwaves, etc) can be included.

They are including more up to date models of extractors for instance and if anything new or widely different comes onto the market they will do their best to update the software with new models in the shortest possible space of time.

In essence, this new software will be more customisable and subject to more upgrades as time progresses......this is something that wasn't possible with the old software due to the way it was written.

Tony will be granting me with a license code shortly so that I can unlock the trial version and give it a bit of a road test and hopefully report back to him - and you lot - with my findings.

He's also said he's happy to take any calls from any of you individually if you have any concerns or reservations so, rather than publish his number publicly, I do have it and will pass it on to anyone who needs it via PM.

Watch this space for further news.
I spoke to Tony last week and he sent me a " upgrade trial " but as you have mentioned Stretch its almost the same as my existing.
Hoping it will be a thumbs up , but asking us to buy an upgrade with very little difference to the old.  With promises of better pics to follow, is not floating my boat at all.